2017 Schedule

Chritsoper Gierke's camp in Monkhe Tingri. Mongolia.


Saturday 8th – Monday 10th

International Polo Naadam at the National Mongol Naadam ground in Karakorum.

July 15th (Saturday)

August 20th (Sunday)

Children polo training camp. The children are selected from different aimak in Mongolia aged 12 to 15. They are housed and trained by the Genghis Khan Polo club. This is the 4rd season of children polo training camps.
Throughout the summer, there will be weekly training sessions and exhibition games on all evenings. Training camp and Mongol Polo Championship for players up to 18 at the Genghis Khan Polo & Riding Club.


Sunday 20th – Sunday 27th

International Genghis Khan Polo Cup with mixed teams from Mongolia, England, Indonesia, Korea and China.
Other events: Horse Racing, Stunt Riding, Wrestling, Bow and Arrow Shooting, Horse Trekkings, Classical opera/chant music and piano concerts with classical Mongol chants.