2014 GKPC, Mongolia

Genghis Khan Polo & Riding Club, Summer 2014

Nomadic Dreams


Mongol Cavalry Polo Training

A basic polo information and training film for the Mongol Cavalry, who spent the summer learning to play polo at the Genghis Khan Polo Club in the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia.

Children’s Polo Training Camp

Mongolia has forty thousand children who are master horsemen. Each year our club handpicks 40-50 children to spend the summer and train with us. These children are taught how to play Polo and at the end of each season few are selected to train with the youth Polo team in New Zealand.

Bike and Kayak

The camp offers a beautiful one hour Kayak adventure on the rapids of Orkhon river. As you go down the the stream you are not only battling through the rapids but also dodging a dozen wild horses, yaks and sheep enjoying a sunny day in the river.
We also have a collection of Commencal mountain bikes and a full time biking instructor who can teach you to safely go 50km/h downhill and still have fun.


At the end of each summer season, the club hosts the Genghis Khan Polo Cup which is played by visiting teams and home teams. This year we had a total of 8 teams playing, including two teams from the Mongolian Army’s cavalry unit and London Alumni Polo Club- a London based team of young professionals.