About Us

The Genghis Khan Polo and Riding Club was established in 1996 in order to revive the sport of polo in Mongolia and provide training and support for a young generation of Mongol riders who have extraordinary equestrian skills. Polo was a training method of the Mongol cavalry in the middle ages but then was forgotten.

Every year the club hosts a summer camp at its home on Mongke Tengri hill in Mongolia’s Orkhon National Park. The camp has one exhibition field and three polo training fields with eighty polo and riding horses available for guests and endless riding possibilities into all directions, no fences. The last best riding country.

The club has personal trainers for riding and polo lessons, and also organises horse treks through the pristine wilderness of the Orkhon National Park to nearby high altitude lakes, hot springs and volcanoes. Other camp activities include hiking, kayaking, fishing, archery and mountain biking.

The polo season begins in late June and lasts until the end of September. A total of 30-40 guests may be accommodated in comfortable Mongolian gers (yurts) at the camp. Families with children are most welcome. The camp has European management and a cuisine and bar of international standard. The climate at the camp at an altitude of 1500m is comparable to an Alpine summer mountain climate with warm days and cool nights.

Polo training and event enquiries:
For enquiries about polo training and events at the Genghis Khan Polo and Riding Club please contact us on:
Phone: 97688114014

E-mail: genghiskhanpoloclub@gmail.com

Private booking enquiries:
The camp is also available between June and October for family and group bookings, whatever your experience or interest in polo. For more details please visit www.mongke-tengri.com